Prof. Dr. Snezana  Rakic

Date of birth 18.11.1962. Belgrade Serbia

ADRESS OF PRACTICE: Belgrade University  Medical School  OB/GYN Hospital Narodni Front


Belgrade University Medical School, graduate in 1986  MD 9,25 (magna cum laude)

1983-University  og Belgrade Departement of Anatomy research assistant

1986-1987 General Medical Intership ,Clinical Centre Dragisa Misovic Belgrade Serbia

1993-Belgrade University Medical School Master of science

1996-PhD Belgrade University Medical School

2001-University of Belgrade Medical School-OB/GYN Hospital Narodni Fronyt-Instructor of Endoscopic Surgery

2005- Invited speaker in Interuniversity IAN DONALD School of medical ultrasound   Libertas University Dubrovnik Croatia permanent

2016-Master studies in Health Management Belgrade Medical School and Faculty for organization and sciences , University of Belgrade

2017-Belgrade Universitu Medical School ,Subspecialization in Perinatology

2000-Serbian Academy of Science and art SANU Member of  the Board for Biology and Human Reproduction


1987-General Medecine Board,State Ministry of Health,Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia

1994-Obstetric and Gynecology  Speciality Board ,Serbia, Yugoslavia

2019 Health care management profesor ECPD


2010-2017 Serbian Health  Chamber License

2017-   Serbian Health Chamber License exp date 01/2024


1997 -2005 Assistant professor  Departement  of Obstetrics anfd Gynecology Belgrade University Medical School

2005-2011 Docent Departement of Obstetric anf Gynecology  Belgrade University Medical Schol

2011-2018 Profesor of Obstetric and Gynecology Belgrade University Medical School

2012-Vicechair ,Departement of Obstetric ang Gynecology  Belgrade University Medical School

2018- Full professor of Obstetric ang Gynecology Belgrade Universitu Medical School.

2021-Full profesor European Cantar for Peace and Develoment UN University



1987-1989  Clincal staff Clinical Center Dr Dragisa Misovic Dedinje at Departement of Obstetrics and Gynecology

1989- Clinical Staff in Obstetric  and Gynecology  University Hospital Narodni Front

2009-Clinical Staff in Special Obstetric and Gynecological Hospital Jevremova  consultant,pernanent


1997-2001 Chief of the staff Delivery Departement  Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital Narodni Front  Belgrade Serbia

2001-2007 Chief  of the staff  Caesarean Section Departement  Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital Narodni Front  Belgrade Serbia

2007- Chief of the staff Delivery Departement Obstetric and Gynecological Hospital Narosni Front Belgrade Serbia

2013-2017 CEO Narodni Front University Obstetric and Gynecological Hospital Narodni Front Belgrade Serbia

2017-2021 Chief of Delivery departement

2022-Pronatal hospital medical director Pronatal Medicon group


Author and coauthor of 200 publications   Obstetric and Gynecology  field ,in SCI data base, Medline,, citations 23,  cumulative impact facor 9,592.

Author of two books  in Obsteric abd Gynecology Field

1998 Polycstic ovarian disease, University of Belgrade Medical School

2012 .Practical Obsterics ,University of Belgrade Medical School


1995-Member of  the Serbian and Montenegro  Gynecological Society

1999- Member of The Serbian Medical Society

2000-2004 President of the Serbian Perinatal Soceity

2005 –IAN DONALD School of medical ultrasound , permanent

2000- Member of the Serbian Ultrasound Society

2012-President of the Serbian Gynecolocal and Obstetric  Society