Medical Faculty, Belgrade University – Graduated 1989 (9,96/10)

Specialisation in Internal Medicine, Clinical Centre of Serbia (1995)

Master of Science (Cardiology, 1995)

Subspecialisation in Cardiology (2002)

PhD (Cardiology, 2006)

Employment and positions:

Cardiology Clinic, University Clinical Centre of Serbia (since 1990)

Head, Department for functional cardiovascular diagnostics and hemodynamics (since 2010)

Head of PhD program Investigations in Cardiovascular medicine at Medical faculty, University of Belgrade (since 2010)

Governor of 34. American College of Cardiology Consortium Chapter of the Republic of Serbia and Republic Srpska (2021-2023) 

Assistant in Internal Medicine/Cardiology (since 1998)

Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine/Cardiology (since 2007)

Associate Professor in Internal Medicine/Cardiology (since 2013)

Full Professor in Internal Medicine/Cardiology (since 2018)

Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade


130 articles in extenso in international journals

120 articles in extenso in national journals and proceedings

26 articles in national books and monographs

2 books (editor)

Citations 4000, Hirsch index 22



Serbian Medical Society, Cardiology Society of Serbia,                  

European Society of Cardiology, European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions

Professional leadership:

Past President Cardiology society of Serbia 2015-2017

General Manager, Serbian Heart Foundation (since 2012)

Member of the Expert Committee of University Clinical centre of Serbia (since 2013)

Member of ESC EORP oversight committee (2018-2020)

Full Member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Serbian Medical Association (since 2019)

National coordinator for ESC guidelines (since 2017)

Member of the Royal Medical Board (since 2018)

Executive Editor of national cardiology journal “Heart and blood vessels” (since 2011)

Member of PhD board of the Medical faculty, Univeristy of Belgrade

Associate Editor Coronary artery disease in Frontiers in CV medicine

Associate Editor Exploration of Cardiology

ACC Prevention of CV Disease Section Leadership Council (2023-2026)

Awards and recognitions:

Fondation Nikola Spasića for the best students of Medical faculty (1985)

Annual award of the City of Belgrade for students’ scientific work (1986)

First award for young invetigator in cardiology

(First Serbian Congress of Cardiology, Kopaonik 1992)

Diploma “Doc. dr Aleksandra Popović” for the best published paper in international journal with highest IF fior the period 1998-2000

Award “Prof. dr Dejan Bosković” for the achievements in the field of cardiology (2002)

Award of the Medical faculty for scientific research (2009)

Annual award of the City of Belgrade for medicine (2011)

Gold medal of the Cardiology society of Serbia (2017)

Award for introduction of innovations in cardiology of the Serbian medical association (2021)

Gold medal of ZASINK (2021)

Honorary member Cardiology society of Republic of Srpska

Honorary member Hungarian cardiology society

Organization activities:

30 national and international meetings and workshops as director, co-director or general secretary

Projects and lectures:

20 projects and international studies as national or international PI

80 lectures at international congresses and meetings

Scientific and clinical interest and expertise:

Chronic Ischemic heart disease, Interventional cardiology, Invasive and non-invasive functional evaluation of coronary stenosis and myocardial function, Stem cell therapy, Innovations in structural heart disease


15 Doctoral thesis, Master thesis, and final works in sup-specialization in cardiology

Research cooperation:

CNR Institute, Univeristy of Pisa, Italy; Onassis cardiac surgery center, Athens, Greece; Mayo clinic, Rochester, USA; Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, UAE