Dusica Lecic Tosevski

Dusica Lecic-Tosevski MD, PhD, is a full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and professor of psychiatry. She was the director of the Institute of Mental Health, the university psychiatric hospital, from 2004-2019 at which she established many new departments, and was internationally awarded as the best leader. She was head of Department for Psychiatry at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She is a well-known educator and has mentored many doctoral dissertations, MA and subspecialist theses. She has been the founder and head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Healthcare Force Development, and the WHO national counterpart for mental health. Chairing the National Committee for Mental Health, she has made a significant contribution to the reform of mental health care in the country and has been an editor of the National Strategy for Mental health Care. In the past she was a coordinator of a few programmes for mental health care of refugees and torture victims.

Prof. Lecic-Tosevski has been actively involved in WPA, as past Zonal Representative for Central Europe, past chair of the Section on Preventive Psychiatry, co-chair of the Committee for Scientific Publications, is a member of the board of the Section Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry, as well as of a few sections. In the last two years she was member of the EAPE Board.

She is APA distinguished fellow, International Associate of the Royal College of Psychiatry, EPA Fellow, WPA honorary member, president of the Psychiatric Association of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, of the Serbian Association of Social Psychiatry and past president of the Serbian Psychiatric Association (now its honorary president) and member of the Royal Medical Board of the Foundation of Princess Katarina Karadjordjevic. She has been a member of the WHO Working Group on ICD-11 Classification of Personality Disorders.

Prof. Dusica Lecic-Tosevski has been a coordinator and investigator of many international, multicentric and national research projects. She authored numerous scientific articles and chapters in international handbooks and books, is one of editors of the Tasman’s Psychiatry, Fifth edition (just in press by Springer), two international books, the national textbook of psychiatry, three books at the Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as guidelines for evidence-based treatment of depression and schizophrenia and many practical manuals. She is a member of editorial boards and reviewer of numerous international journals and has given invited talks at many international congresses and universities, some of which she has organised. She has translated seven professional and six literature works.

Professor Lecic-Tosevski’s professional interests are personality disorders, affective disorders, traumatic stress and comorbidity of mental and somatic disorders. She has devoted her professional life to the noble discipline of psychiatry, the person-centred treatment of mental disorders, as well as their prevention of mental disorders and mental health promotion.