11th Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference  

18 – 20 June 2020 
Hilton Hotel, Belgrade




Dear Doctors,


I would like to invite you to the “Eleventh Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference” that will take place in Belgrade, 18-20 June 2020 at the Hilton Hotel.

The Conference is organized by my Foundation in Belgrade, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, the University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine, the World Health Organization, the Serbian Medical Chamber, the Royal Medical Board, and under the auspices of my husband and I.

During the first ten years of growth and development, the Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference has become one of the most important gatherings of physicians in Serbia and in the region.

We have kept the motto “Medicine Worldwide and in Serbia”, since it proved to be a very successful model on which we would like to continue to expand and grow.

The goal of the Conference is to gather Serbian doctors from the Diaspora as well as international medical experts to join together in Serbia. The doctors from abroad will share their experience and knowledge and will encourage development and cooperation in supporting Serbian healthcare system by promoting solidarity, friendship and knowledge sharing. We believe you, too, will benefit from this Conference and establish new connections.

Please visit the Conference’s website www.sdm.rs and please share this information with your colleagues.

I look forward to receiving your positive response as soon as possible and to seeing you in Belgrade in June.


Yours sincerely,

HRH Crown Princess Katherine



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Program of the conference in the process of accreditation with the Health Council of the Republic of Serbia